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Founder, Teacher, and Author, Andrea Yarbough

What began as a quest to develop engaging, formula-free writing exercises to support emerging writers turned into a quest to support teachers along their journey towards a healthier work / life balance. Founder and National Board Certified teacher, Andrea Yarbough, has made it her mission to provide the resources, supports, and trainings needed to help teachers deliver quality instruction without sacrificing their own free time. We're not happy until you have the tools you need to teach better and work less.

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I enjoyed that there were tools I can actually use in my classroom.

Kassidi G Teacher

Easy straight-forward examples that feel like less work for teachers, but will get more from the kids.

MaKayla M.  Teacher

Useful strategies and ideas that I can start using right away.

Amanda M.  Teacher


How to Get Students Writing Without the Groans

Our Writing Menu Boards provide flexible creative writing tasks that promote growth while engaging students.

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Artfulness: Formula-Free Creative Writing Explorations for Secondary ELA Classes

Support Emerging Writers Without Writing Formulas 

A full year of writing plans, just $18.50

  • 20 step-by-step writing lesson plans
  • Assessment and extension tasks
  • Formula-free writing scaffolds for student writers
  • A "top recommendation for secondary ELA teachers"