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Welcome to Alexandrite Publishing, LLC, home of The AlexandWriter educators' blog, the upcoming Writing Wednesday educator book series, and the Alexandrite Publishing Marketplace.

The AlexandWriter Blog

Alexandrite Publishing believes in the value of collaboration. Expanding the conversation beyond the walls of our schools and connecting with educators around the country is a terrific way for teachers to hone our craft and strengthen our approaches to instruction. Our educators' blog seeks to explore best practices in education, from literacy instruction to community building. Subscribe to our site and receive early access to educator resources like our seasonal Setting Seekers story menu boards.

The Writing Wednesday Series

The world needs more storytellers. Alexandrite Publishing is excited to be doing our part to fill the world with writers by developing educational resources that make integrating meaningful, standards-based creative writing opportunities a snap! The first book in our upcoming Writing Wednesday series, Artfulness, provides a year's worth of weekly writing lesson plans, four end-of-quarter Writing Expo assessments, a summative portfolio task, and end-of-year celebration activities and games. Subscribe to our site and be the first to know when the book is officially released.

The Alexandrite Publishing Marketplace

Not just a site for teachers and writers, Alexandrite Publishing celebrates artful communication in all its forms. We are excited to offer our customers with thoughtfully curated marketplace items that celebrate the joy of storytelling. Whether you are a teacher, a writer, a book-lover, or someone looking to shop for teachers, writers, and book-lovers, you're sure to find something you love at our Marketplace!


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