March 2, 2023

Celebrating Women’s History Month With Your Students

March Madness is alive and well. It seems no matter what you teach, someone has ideas on how you can bring challenge brackets to life in your instruction. But there’s more to March than basketball. March also happens to be women’s history month.

Don’t let the hype of March Madness activities distract you from highlighting the accomplishments of women in your subject area. It’s easy to bring women’s history month to life in any curriculum area. Here are eight ideas to get you started:

  • Showcasing Female Figures: Highlight important female figures in your subject area to demonstrate the contributions of women. Mix things up by introducing each woman in a different way, such as a short video, blog or news article, crossword puzzle, or Jeopardy-style trivia game.
  • Matching Game: Adapt the childhood game of memory to showcase female figures in your subject area. Students must match the woman with her related accomplishments.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Challenge students to find information connected to important women in your content area, either by searching the room or conducting their own research.
  • Student-led Teaching: Assign students a female figure from your subject area or allow them to choose one for themselves. On a designated date, students will teach their classmates about the importance of this figure.

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  • Hidden History: Have students develop a museum exhibit centered around a key topic in your subject area, highlighting the little-known stories of women who were connected to that topic.
  • Community Treasures: Encourage students to celebrate women who have had a positive impact on their lives through various mediums, such as painting portraits, creating photo collages, or producing stories or podcasts.
  • Timeline: Ask students to explore a topic connected to your curriculum and generate a timeline showcasing the role of women in that topic over time or the evolution of women’s roles in connection to that topic.
  • Civic Engagement: Have students brainstorm issues in their community, city, state, or country that affect women and develop a civic engagement project to draw attention to the issue, promote change, or offer a solution.

There are countless ways to bring attention to the role of women in your subject area during Women’s History Month. Get creative and have fun!

March Madness Meets Women’s History Month

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About the Author

Andrea Yarbough is a National Board Certified Teacher and the author of Artfulness: Formula-Free Creative Writing Explorations for Secondary ELA Classes. Trusted by major organizations with curriculum design and professional workshops, she has extensive experience developing meaningful, effective instruction for students and teachers, resulting in better outcomes with less work. 

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