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Do you like free stuff? We do, too!

Children Cheering Free Member Resources
Free For All: Don’t Miss our Growing Selection of Free Member Resources

Hidden Gems has a lot to offer its members, from free educator resources to a collaborative community of educators, business professionals, and writers of all types. All levels of membership come with certain perks, outlined in the chart below. To learn more about where and how to access your member-free resources, watch this short video.

For more information about guidelines for Hidden Gems members, click here.

AlexandWriter Monthly Newsletter
"Artfulness" Extras
Access to Select Groups and Forums
Free-For-All Member Freebies Access
Additional Free Educator Resources
Special Discounts and Promotions
Hidden Gems - Diamond
$5 / Month (Limited Time Only—New Members Get a 60-Day Free Trial)
Everything included with Topaz membership PLUS
Access to select private groups and forums
Wider selection of free educator resources
Early-bird registration for workshops, courses, and webinars
Copy of "Artfulness" ebook (after 6 months' membership at this level)
Opportunities to submit guest contributor proposals and student showcase nominations
Hidden Gems - Alexandrite
$10 / Month (Limited Time Only—New Members Get a 30-Day Free Trial)
Everything included in the Diamond level PLUS
Create and co-moderate new groups and forums
Widest selection of free educator resources
Free "Artfulness" ebook (after 3 month's membership at this level
Free online courses, events, and other exclusive content as offered
Participation in Advance Review groups for upcoming Writing Wednesday books
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