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Book Darts


Elegant and versatile, Book Darts allow you to easily return to your favorite page or your favorite line while you read. Want to keep track of patterns you see emerging in your text or revisit a meaningful quote? Attach a Book Dart directly to your desired line and easily find your spot again without damaging your page, adding bulk to your book, or covering up large parts of the text. Made of archivally-correct metals, Book Darts are safe to use on your favorite books.

Keep out of reach of small children.

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Designed with book lovers in mind, Book Darts are more than just a way to hold your page. Made of archivally-correct materials, Book Darts are specially designed to allow for damage-free annotations while you read. Want to return to a line in your book that appears significant? Attached a book dart and easily find your place again and again. Perfect for annotations, the mixed-metal version comes in three different shades, allowing you to differentiate for three different literary elements such as character, setting, or motif.

Bibliophiles: Annotating inside your text leaves permanent marks that cannot be removed. Sticky notes cause books to bulge and can damage the pages. Book Darts solve this problem by providing a safe way to annotate your reading with ease.

Teachers: Want to have your students annotate but can’t have them damage class-sets of books with pens or spend a fortune in sticky-notes? Provide each student a handful of Book Darts to mark their notations while they work and easily remove the Book Darts for your next class. No more running hundred of copies for one activity or wasting stacks of sticky-notes. Book Darts are a time-saver in the classroom, allow for more precise explorations that don’t block lines above or below the identified quote, and reduce waste.

Available in a variety of quantities, there’s a Book Dart package that’s right for you!

Keep out of reach of small children.

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Book Darts

12 Count Bronze Envelope, 125 Count Mixed-Metals Tin, 18 Count Mixed-Metals Sleeve, 50 Count Mixed-Metals Tin


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