Hidden Gems: Free Lesson Plans for Members


Do you like free stuff? Yeah. We do, too. That’s why we created Hidden Gems, a FREE online course where members can access a growing catalog of educator resources like lesson plans, activities, and more. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find inside:

  • Seasonal Writing Menu Boards: encourage students to take risks using low-stakes creative writing exercises
  • So Stylish: supports students’ understanding of the important role punctuation plays in meaning
  • Found Poetry lesson: links this engaging poetry activity to core instruction
  • Staycation: allows students to experience the joy of place-based writing

Even better, Hidden Gems is a living course that grows as we do. Members receive access to any updates and new resources as soon as they post to the portal for FREE.

What are you waiting for?

Hidden Gems is our exclusive, members-only treasure chest of free lesson plans, activities, and teacher resources. Membership is as simple as adding this course to your cart, checking out (enrollment is FREE), and following the instructions sent to your inbox to access the course.

Once you’re in, you’ll find a growing collection of educator supports designed to make your instructional year a breeze. You’ll also be automatically subscribed to our mailing list, ensuring you’ll never miss new strategies, content, and updates.


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