Staycation: Place-Based Creative Writing Explorations



Offering eight unique Writing Journeys, each containing three writing experiences, students use highlights of various locations as inspiration for their original creative pieces. The invitations to write are left deliberately broad to allow students to take their writing in the direction of their choosing.

This resource is ready to use as-is and can be easily adapted to suit a range of instructional needs. It’s adaptability makes it an excellent tool to integrate writing-across-the-curriculum.

In this writing activity, students are introduced to one or more locations of interest. Then, they are offered a series of related prompts to select from as invitations to write. The sample slide decks feature locations from around the Commonwealth of Virginia, a state rich with history and adventure. However, the content can easily be swapped out to better reflect your instructional goals. This versatile resources if great for both ELA classes and writing-across-the-curriculum initiatives.

This resource pack includes:

  • A detailed description and abstract of the activity
  • Suggested “remix” options that allow you to easily customize the lesson to suit your needs
  • Slide Deck containing:
    • An opening pre-write
    • A focused writing topic that offers three separate, but related, writing opportunities
    • A closing quick-write
    • Teacher notes to aid with delivery
  • Suggested unit integration
  • Three suggested extension activities which could lead to summative assessments targeting:
    • Multimedia research presentations
    • Narrative or nonfiction writing assessments
    • Writing-across-the-curriculum suggestions

Your can explore a preview of the key writing focuses for each journey by clicking here.


A Day of Play, Artistic Transformations, Coastal Road Trip, Eat Your Way Through VA, Rest and Rejuvenate, The Complete Journey, Trailing History, Virginia is for LOVErs, Walk on the Wild Side


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