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Storymatic Classic includes 540 writing prompt cards, equally divided between character and situational cards. The perfect story-generating tool, Storymatic Classic is perfect for anyone who enjoys storytelling. The flexible design of Storymatic Classic ensures that any writer can adapt the cards to their own unique writing style. Excellent for gift-giving as well. Put Storymatic Classic on your wish list today!

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Hands down the best story generating resource we have ever worked with, Storymatic is perfect for teachers, writers, and anyone who enjoys a good story.

Each box comes with 540 cards including gold “character” cards and copper “situational” cards. The cards you draw fuel the story you write. Want to mix things up? Each Storymatic Classic box provides suggestions on how to maximize the writing experience and even includes options on how to turn Storymatic into a multi-person experience to liven up your social gatherings!

Teachers: Use Storymatic regularly in your classrooms to promote creative writing and narrative skills. Have students pull cards from Storymatic – or provide cards to them – when crafting original stories, poems, or other creative narratives to serve as inspiration. Teaching literary conflict? Require students draw copper cards to generate obstacles standing in their protagonist’s way. Teaching elaboration? Have students draw additional cards to add to the stories while they draft.

Writers: Overcome writer’s block or mix up your regular writing routine by incorporating Storymatic prompts into your schedule. Use the cards to help develop dynamic characters, change up narrative POV, or even play around with narrative structure.

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