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Described as a little “box of yes” Synapsis is a great tool to overcome writer’s block or challenge yourself to take your stories in unique and unexpected directions. The cards contained in this box – spark, riff, connect, and ask – provide writers with an initial narrative direction that changes as each new question is asked.

A terrific party-game as well, Synapsis is more than just “a box of yes” – it is a box of limitless creativity!

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From the company who brought you Storymatic Classic comes this improvisational storytelling resource that challenges writers to answer questions about their narrative before they’ve even written it. The only rule of the game: say “yes!”

Designed for both individual writers and writing teams, Synapsis works by creating a path for writers to initially embark upon. The direction their story ultimately takes, however, depends on the questions provided on the “ask” cards. Flexibility is the key as writers must adapt their story to fit the questions asked.

Teachers: Synapsis is an excellent scaffolding tool that can take the place of more formulaic writing outlines. With a number of suggested variations, you can adjust the instructional approach to differentiate for complexity or to better align with your class’ curriculum goals. Mix up writing instruction by gamifying your classroom with Synapsis by Storymatic.

Writers: Adaptable for solo and group writing activities, challenge yourself to envision a story unlike any other or enliven your work sessions with a few improvisational writing activities.

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