The Stories We Tell: A Narrative Writing Instructional Unit



This complete unit plan focuses on narrative, mixed media, and technical writing techniques. During the course of this unit, students will be introduced to a range of short fiction in order to conduct close reading and analysis. Students will also experiment with creative writing, applying the skills they learn to develop personal narratives in multiple formats. Finally, they will engage in technical writing, expanding their understanding of personal narratives to include resumes and cover letters.

Core focus areas of this unit include:

  • Technical vocabulary: narrative, mixed media, characterization, genre, short story, resume, cover letter, internal citations
  • Narrative writing techniques
  • Close reading for characterization
  • Literary analysis
  • MLA internal citations

Included in this 8-Day narrative writing instructional unit, educators will find:

Step-by-step lesson plans:

  • Day 1: Introductions
  • Day 2: Expanding the Narrative
  • Day 3: Introduction to Close Reading
  • Day 4: Curated Identities
  • Day 5: Introduction to Theme
  • Day 6: Tell Me About Yourself

PLUS two Writing Wednesday lessons from our book Artfulness: Formula-Free Creative Writing Explorations for Secondary ELA Classes

  • Express Yourself
  • Conventions of Genre

Also included are:

  • Links to select suggested paired texts
  • Technical Vocabulary Assignment Instructions
  • Me Museum Assignment Instructions & Rubric
  • Me Museum Scavenger Hunt (with editable template link)
  • Instructional PowerPoint (with editable template link)
  • Genre Portfolio Assignment Instructions
  • Personal Narrative Assignment Instructions & Rubric


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