Before and After: The Journey To Blended Learning  Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there were departments full of teachers fighting over laptop carts. Some departments would steal the carts from another

Share 0 Pin 0 Share 0 Support Instruction and Your Wallet with Budget Friendly DecorAh, fall. The time of year when the air is filled with the perfume of #2 pencils and the tangy

Discovering Learning Journeys  What was the first thing you thought about on the last day of school? I bet I can guess? Vacation time! Where would you go? Who would you go with? What would you do while you were there? I bet

Why the National Writing Project? Okay, so you’re comfortably settled into your July-tanned skin and are finally starting to feel the stress of the long school year drifting behind you like the water behind your pool float. You’ve got your oversized shades on, the

Moving Beyond the 5-Paragraph Essay During my presentation at the Secondary Schools Writing Centers Association (SSWCA) Conference this past weekend, a participant asked how she could support her student writers without relying on formulas

Celebrating Women’s History Month With Your Students March Madness is alive and well. It seems no matter what you teach, someone has ideas on how you can bring challenge brackets to life in your

Why Traditional Approaches to Curriculum Design Don’t Work And What We Should All Be Doing Instead The Problem with Traditional Approaches to Curriculum Design The problem with traditional approaches to curriculum design is that

Time Management Tips for Teachers Ten Time Management Tips for Teachers Teaching can be a time-consuming career making it a challenge to juggle all the demands of the job. While you can’t control everything

This past weekend, I had the great joy of participating in the VATE Conference in Orkney Springs, Virginia. One of the most impactful breakout sessions I attended was one in which the hosts explored ways to integrate effective poetry activities

The Pitfalls of Trying to Measure “All The Things”  Are you using rubrics? This blog explores 5 reasons you should be. The other day, I came across a post in one of the Facebook Groups I